My background

I've been working with Adapt on a daily basis for over four years and have been a member of the Adapt Learning core development team for the majority of that time.

I started working with Adapt whilst working as a developer at Kineo, the creator of Adapt and a founding member of the Adapt Open Source Project. I worked in their e-Learning content team creating high-end, bespoke e-learning courses for their clients. I was also the sole developer responsible for a UI overhaul of the Authoring Tool.

From there I joined at King's College London as a web developer and in-house Adapt specialist for their rapdily growing e-learning team of over forty people, one of the biggest teams in the world using Adapt.

Whilst at King's College, I was involved in the organisation and hosting of the Adapt Meetup London, the first official event for the Adapt community attended by over 100 developers and community members alike. You can read about the event here.

Adapt Freelancer

I setup Adapt Freelancer in mid 2018 to help companies and organisations to achieve success with Adapt.

I want to be a specialist that is available to partner with to solve any problem. I have a flexible skilset from years of working with Adapt that can be applied to any project. I work independently so I don't have any of the overheads that come with working with an agency.

The freelancer business model works in other ecosystems that are similar to Adapt. For example, if you Google search 'Wordpress consultant' or 'Moodle developer' you get dozens of results of talented individuals offering a variety of services. It made sense that there should be someone doing the same for Adapt. I want to be your go-to expert in Adapt.

Why Adapt?

Adapt enables you to create highly customized, premium, responsive e-learning courses in HTML5. It's workflow is generally faster than the traditional e-Learning tools. However, just like creating a website, you can expect the better results by investing more time. This showcase shows what you can expect when working with a skilled Adapt developer using the Framework.

It's also free and open source product released under the GNU GPL v3 licence. All suppliers are on equal footing and are competing over the quality of the services they provide. Not because they have control a monopoly of the platform as it's creator. Only using these sort of tools are you free from licence fees or vendor lock-in

Discover the kind of services that I offer around Adapt.