Adapt Learning Developer & Consultant

Simon Date - UK based Adapt Learning expert, available for freelance projects.

I've been working with Adapt on a daily basis for four years and have been a member of the Adapt Learning core development team for the majority of that time. You can spot me on the technical support forum and the Gitter channel offering help to people and organisations. I'm passionate about open source tools and educational technology and I'm here to help any organisation or company to deliver their next Adapt project.

I was introduced to Adapt whilst working as a developer at Kineo, the creator of Adapt and a founding member of the Adapt open source project. I worked in their e-Learning content team creating high-end, bespoke e-learning courses for Kineo's clients. As well as working on Adapt Core, being the developer responsible for a UI overhaul of the Authoring Tool.

From there I went to work at King's College London as a web developer and Adapt specialist in an newly formed and innovative e-learning team of forty people. I created plugins such as themes, components and extensions for Adapt to the specifications of our team and it's clients. Most of which were released to the open-source community.

In January 2017, I was involved in the organisation and hosting of the Adapt Meetup London, the first offical public event for the Adapt community and newcomers alike. The event had 120 attendees from eight countries including all the Adapt collobrating companies. You can read about the event here.

I setup Adapt Freelancer as I was contacted by a large U.S. multinational corporation looking for a freelancer for their Adapt project. They needed someone who would fit within their budget and within their quick deadline, as it was a smaller project they wanted to avoid working with some of the larger UK agencies that had typically been the sole providers of Adapt work. I browsed my contacts and realised none of my contacts fitted the bill. It seemed bizzare no one offered this kind of service as other open source platforms have a huge ecosystem surronding them. If you Google search "Wordpress developer" or "Drupal developer" you will get hundreds of results. I've been passionate about growing the Adapt community and I believed that there should be more choice avilable for companies. This lead to me setting up Adapt Freelancer and over the last twelve months I've had the pleasure of working with clients in over three continents offering them my services to help produce Adapt strategy, themes, plugins and courses.

Simon Date

I'm looking forward to working with you and your team to deliver your next Adapt project.