Hi there. My name is Simon, I'm a UK based Adapt expert and core member of the Adapt Learning organisation. It's my mission to help companies like yours to succeed with Adapt.

I setup Adapt Freelancer to respond to the visibly increasing demand for Adapt. The interest for responsive authoring tools has dramatically increased over the last couple of years and Adapt acts as the clear choice for many companies who are looking to embrace this new trend.

Adapt is a proven techonology with widespread use across the top global e-learning agencies. It has a rich plugin library that ensures that any interaction or functionality that can be imagined can be added to your courses. It offers the highest levels of customisation of any authoring tool.

Many alternatives exist on the market but Adapt is the open source option. Only by working with open source tools do you have the ability to retain full control of your company's data and eliminate the threat of vendor lock-in.

As a deep open source product Adapt offers huge choice on development workflows and levels of customisation. I want to be available to partner with agencies and in-house teams to help steer their Adapt strategy by providing expert advice and custom development for Adapt.

I offer a variety of services that will help you reach your ambitions with Adapt.