New Component - Adapt-imageJuxtapose

November 11, 2019

One of my client's recently sent over a mockup for a theme that they wanted me to produce. The client had included a request for a "sliding interaction" that had two images overlaid. I was about to send an email to no such component existed and we would have to find an alternative. However, just to be safe I decided to search for "image slider". I was lucky enough to find this open source library which exactly matched what the client was requesting. I managed to get it working as an Adapt component in an hour and within another hour it was fully tested and Authoring Tool complainant.

Creating new components in Adapt can be as simple as just finding an existing library and just adding it in. This is possible to the openness of Adapt that allows you complete access to the platform as well as a plugin architecture that allows for the code to run these to be de-coupled from the core project. Meaning you can re-use the interaction across an infinite amount of projects both your own and, if you choose to do so, across the whole community of users.

I hope you get good use of this component. If you have any feature requests or find bugs please use the issues feature on Github to report them. If you have an idea of a component or extension that you want to create you can partner with Adapt Freelancer to make it a reality.

Download link