Hi there, my name is Simon. I'm an Adapt Learning Consultant and Developer who's been working with the technology for over four years. It's my mission to help companies and organisations to succeed with Adapt.

Traditional Authoring tools like Storyline and Captivate are finally being phased out in favour of responsive e-learning content. Adapt offers itself as the best choice for companies who are looking to embrace this new trend.

Adapt is a proven techonology with widespread use across the largest e-learning agencies. It's near unlimited choice of components and extensions means that your courses can be tailored to your learners demands. It enables themes to be created that are truly bespoke and rapidly scalable across hundreds of courses.

This high level of fidelity and customisation has shown to work. The Learning Technologies Awards, which hands out accolades to the best e-learning content are dominated by courses that are developed in Adapt.

Alternatives exist on the market but Adapt is the open source option. Only by working with open source tools do you have the ability to retain full control of your company's data and eliminate the threat of vendor lock-in through a closed SaaS product.

Whether you are completly new to Adapt or you've been using it for months and are looking to progress further. I want to partner with your organisation to help steer Adapt strategy, provide expert advice and create custom plugins.

I help clients in a variety of ways.