Adapt Freelancer - Adapt Learning Consultant and Developer

Hi there, my name is Simon Date. I'm a freelance Adapt Learning Consultant and Developer who's spent the last eight years working with e-learning teams using Adapt.

If you're part of an e-learning team looking to create great looking courses in an effective manner, I truly believe Adapt is the best Authoring Tool on the market, for three main reasons:

  • It has responsive design, which doesn't treat mobile devices as an afterthought
  • It has more interactions and customisation options than any other tool
  • It's open source so it's free to use and you are never locked to a single provider

Picking up a new Authoring Tool can be a difficult transistion - Learning all of the features available to you, training staff on how to be the most effective and ensuring consistency so that content looks natural for the end user. It's a hard task to do without the proper knowledge and understanding.

I created Adapt Freelancer for teams just like yours and I've made it my personal mission to help you succeed with Adapt.

On my journey, I've already helped over thirty five e-learning teams, including many successful e-learning agencies and prestigious organisations such as the Office for National Statistics, Shelter, the Engineering and Construction Industry Training Board and the NHS.

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Working with Simon was a great experience. He was able to understand the challenges that our employees may have had migrating to a new authoring tool and was keen to offer his assistance to our team.

-Philippa Brimicombe, Learning Commissioning and Hub Manager, Office for National Statistics


How can I help you?

  • We want to learn more about Adapt
  • We decided we want to use Adapt and want help getting started
  • We use Adapt already and are looking for support and training for our team
  • We need someone who can create custom themes or plugins
  • We want Adapt set up in the cloud so our remote/WFH team can collobrate

Why Adapt?

It's the future

Traditional e-learning Authoring Tools like Storyline and Captivate are being phased out in favour of responsive e-learning content as today's workforce expects modern web design in their e-learning.

Adapt offers itself as the best choice for those who are looking to embrace this new trend.

It's flexible

Adapt supports over 100+ unique interactions meaning that your courses will be engaging for learners.

It has powerful themeing options so you can always keep your learning on brand.

We are looking at implementing this way of building knowledge products with Adapt across our internal and external L&D departments.

- Nathan Sheach, Online Advice Services Manager, Shelter


It's award winning

Adapt's high level of fidelity and customisation have garnered consistent success. The Learning Technologies Awards, which hands out accolades to the best e-learning content are dominated by courses that are created in Adapt.

It's open source

Alternatives exist on the market but Adapt is the open source option. Only by working with open source tools do you have the ability to ensure your ability to access and modify your courses in the future.

It's also totally free to use!

Why work with me?

I'm well trusted

I've worked with over thirty five e-learning teams across a variety of projects.

See for yourself on my Client testimonials page.

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Nine years of experience

I've been working solely with Adapt for over nine years. In that time I have mastered how to take advantage of Adapt’s features, to create the best e-learning content.

Whilst others choose to be generalists, I choose to specialise for the best results.

Simon has proven to be a great partner for us to work with to expand our Adapt based offerings. He has been very transparent about how he works and is always prompt in replying to emails. Working with him has been a real pleasure.

- Tim Keogh, Co-founder, A Kind Life


A personal relationship

You'll work directly with me at every stage of the journey.

I'm a good communicator, reliable, autonomous, pragmatic and happy to project manage myself and/or a wider team.

Post project support

I try to include some form of post project support with all my engagements, so that I'm available to help to guarantee the long term success of your solution. I want to ensure that your team is able to easily inherit from the work that I perform and utilise it to create beautiful e-learning content.

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