• a personAdapt consultancy
    • Offering advice and guidance on Adapt workflows and processeses for companies looking to scale up in Adapt.
  • code on screenTheme development
    • Working with your designer to create a beautiful and reusable theme. I use the Adapt Framework to ensure full control over the fonts, colours and styling ensuring that brand guidelines can be met.
  • A lightbulbPlugin development
    • When a solution doesn't already exist, I can create a brand new plugin. I've created over thirty already.
  • A text conversationAdapt training
    • Running workshops with your developers on how to create courses or develop plugins.

Every project is treated uniquely and starts with an introductory call which diagnoses the kind of services that are required. I have a preference towards fixed price projects. I wil work transparently and always ensure I explain any Adapt lingo in an easy-to-understand way.

Looking to get set up with Adapt?

Try Adapt Unlimited. The simple way for e-learning teams to get started with Adapt.

Adapt Unlimited is Adapt Freelancer's cloud/SaaS based offering. Go to the website below to learn more about it and sign up for a 14-day free trial.

Adapt Unlimited

My services have already helped over twenty-five clients to have success with Adapt.