Becoming the "Adapt Freelancer"

I started working with Adapt whilst working as a developer at Kineo, who created and open-sourced Adapt. I worked in their e-Learning content team creating high-end, bespoke e-learning courses for their clients. This was when I first got stuck in contributing to core Adapt as the sole developer responsible for a UI overhaul of the Authoring Tool.

After Kineo I joined at King's College London as a web developer and in-house Adapt specialist for their rapdily growing e-learning team of over forty people, one of the largest internal teams in the world using Adapt.

As part of my interest in growing and celebrating the Adapt community. I organised the Adapt Meetup London, the first and largest official event for the Adapt. The event was hugely success over 100 attendees. You can read about it here.

I setup Adapt Freelancer in 2018 to respond to the visibly increasing demand for Adapt. Responsive authoring tools are on the rise and Adapt acts as the clear choice for many companies who are looking to embrace this new trend.

I starting out working just weekends and evenings around my day job at King's. After a few months it became clear that I couldn't keep up with client demand so I handed in my notice at my job and since then Adapt Freelancer has been my sole focus.

Taking off the mask

Outside of work I'm a 27 year old living near London. My interests include History, Politics, Video games and Music. I love learning about new cultures and travelling the world. Mexican food is my favourite cuisine. I probably drink too much coffee. My record for keepy-ups is 54.

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