Services that I provide

  • code on screenTheme development
    • Working with your designer to create a beautiful and reusable theme. Directly editing the HTML and CSS to give you full control over the fonts, colours and styling ensuring that your learning fits your branding.
  • A lightbulbPlugin development
    • Creating brand new Adapt components and extensions to make your project truly unique. I've already created 30+ already!
  • a personAdapt consultancy
    • Offering expert advice and guidance on delivering your Adapt project. Suggesting components and extensions that could be used to enhance your learner experience.
  • A page with a tickStoryboarding
    • Converting the knowledge of your Subject Matter Expert into an Adapt storyboard with a script components and assessment questions.
  • A webpageCourse development
    • Building your Adapt courses as a configured SCORM or xAPI packages to host on your Learning Management System.
  • Line chartProject management
    • Collobrating work with other e-Learning professionals to benefit from their skillset, wheter it's a Graphic Artist or an Instructional Designer, I will work closely with them to deliver the project on time.
  • A text conversationAdapt training
    • Introducing staff to using the Adapt Authoring Tool. Training developers to create their own themes and plugins.
  • The cloudAuthoring Tool hosting
    • Setting up an instance of the Adapt Authoring Tool in a secure AWS server for your team to access from anywhere.
  • A cogSomething else?
    • I'm a full stack web developer so I can create standalone e-Learning apps such as a games. I use the latest JavaScript frameworks so your project will be mobile responsive, future-proof and can be intergrated with SCORM or xAPI.

During an inital consultation call we will go through what each of these services entails and how they will help you to create a premium, bespoke learning product with Adapt. Most projects usually consist of a combination of services.

Why Adapt?

Adapt enables you to create highly customized, premium e-learning courses. It's workflow is generally faster than the traditional e-Learning tools. However, just like creating a website, you can expect better quality courses by devoting more time and experience to it. Check out this showcase which highlights the kind of courses you can expect from Adapt.

I believe that clients should have complete freedom to come and go whenever they like. If you choose to work with me again it should be because I have offered great service and value for money. Not because I have control over your data or intellectual property through vendor lock-in. Only by working with open source tools can you guarantee this level of freedom.

Examples of my work

As an open source developer I frequently release plugins to the Adapt community. You can see my work if you search for "Simon Date" or "Kings Online" in the Adapt plugin browser, or go directly to my Github account.