Bespoke e-learning from Adapt Freelancer

Partner with Adapt Freelancer to develop your bespoke e-learning content

If you are looking for bespoke e-learning content you probably have a few questions:

  • Will it have interactions that are engaging for our learners?
  • Will it follow our branding guidelines?
  • Will it work on my learning platform?
  • Will our e-learning partner be responsive and easy to work with?
  • Will we be able to update and maintain the content after creation?

Simon Date, Adapt Freelancer

By choosing to work with Adapt Freelancer to produce your bespoke e-learning, you'll work directly with Simon, an Adapt expert.

I will spend the time to understand your needs and design a solution that fits within your team's budget. I'll be transparent and open through the whole journey. I won't sign off on the project until you are delighted with the result.

Why Adapt?

The most interactions

Adapt has more interactions than any other authoring tool on the market.

In addition to the core plugins, you can also download and use over 100 community plugins that enhance your courses in unimaginable ways.

Whatever your needs, whether it is SCORM or xAPI, gamification or Google Analytics, branching or Brightcove, Adapt Unlimited has got you covered.

Build on brand

Where other authoring tools provide only limited options, Adapt offers a vast range of fonts, colours and styling to create your bespoke theme which can be seamlessly applied on every page and menu.

No more compromising on your brand guidelines.

We are looking at implementing this way of building knowledge products with Adapt across our internal and external L&D departments.

- Nathan Sheach, Online Advice Services Manager, Shelter


Trusted by the best

Adapt is being used by the most successful global e-learning companies.

Courses built in Adapt have swept the awards at industry trade shows ever since its inception over six years ago.

Why partner with Adapt Freelancer?

Six years of experience with Adapt

I've been using Adapt as my sole authoring tool for over five years. In that time I have mastered how to take advantage of Adapt’s varied features, to find new ways to work with Adapt, and how to create beautiful e-learning for my clients.

Whilst other agencies and freelancers can have up to half a dozen authoring tools on the go, I believe that specialising in one produces higher quality content.

Simon has proven to be a great partner for us to work with to expand our Adapt based offerings. He has been very transparent about how he works and is always prompt in replying to emails. Working with him has been a real pleasure.

- Tim Keogh, Partner, A Kind Life


Want to learn more?

Contact me for a thirty-minute call to find out how I can create your bespoke e-learning.

A personal relationship

By choosing Adapt Freelancer you work directly with me. I'm able to offer quick responses to emails and arrange calls without having to go through levels of internal management.

Having me involved at every stage of the project ensures that no information is missed and ensures that you can always expect a high standard.

I'm well trusted

Since going freelance I've worked with over twenty-five clients from the public, private and third sector.

See my client testimonials page to discover how they've found working with me.

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Adding the extra touches

An authoring tool isn't enough on it's own to create a high quality piece of learning content. It's likely that your project will also need:

  • Animations or graphics
  • Video
  • Course storyboard
  • Translation services

When these services are needed for your project I'll be happy to work with any internal resources that you have, or reach out to my own close network of freelancers to bring their skills to the project.

Full post-project handover

After every project, I always handover all the source files used to create the course, as well as any assets that were part of the project.

If you think you may need to make future modifications to your courses, I can provide you access with Adapt Unlimited, Adapt Freelancer's cloud-based version of Adapt. This also opens up the possibility of creating any future courses in-house.

Adapt Unlimited

Interested in having bespoke e-learning made in Adapt?

Contact me for a thirty-minute call to discuss your organisation's requirements.